ZEXT-15 Aoi Mizutani – Damaged Heroine 15 T Frontier: Planet of the Machines


Shizuka Kitadate is a female teacher who longs to be a superhero. Shizuka accidentally assimilated into another self at the border of parallel worlds and became a superhero. To protect her students from the Boogeyman, an evil secret society that can move freely through parallel worlds, she decided to fight evil under the name T Frontier. One day, another kidnapping by the Boogeyman occurs. Using Galileo, a system that can observe time-space distortions, T-Frontier determines the location of the Boogeyman and attempts to locate his hideout using the students as bait, but during the dive into a parallel world, the time travel device breaks down, creating a powerful gravitational field that causes a one-month time gap between the students and the Boogeyman. The students plan to make a deal with the boogeyman and capture T-Frontier, but will T-Frontier be turned into a freak show in the human zoo on a mechanical planet?

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