ZEXT-14 Tsukasa Nagano – Damaged Heroine 14 Streets of Death International Crime Investigator Rafer


Rafer is an agent of the Mexican branch of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Division [CIK] and a master of the Hoshiryu-ken. He is from the poor class of Augustus and studied under Samuel Wu, a master of Seiryu-ken. As he grew up, Leifer studied in the U.S. under the guardianship of Brandon Lee, a CIK employee and friend of Wu’s. Later, he became a member of the Narcotics Division of the CIK. He later became an employee of the CIK’s Narcotics Investigation Division. One day, after being excommunicated from the CIK, he infiltrates the hideout of the Black Dragon, who is now the head of the Black Dragon Society, a criminal organization that controls the underworld of Augustus, and Rayfer single-handedly fights and arrests the Black Dragon, but is released for lack of evidence. After being suspended from work, Leifer returns home to his master Wu, but even there the Black Dragon’s evil hand is extended to him. The Black Dragon has been trafficking people from the slums and experimenting on them to create the most powerful doping drug, the G-virus! Leifer decides to fight the Black Dragon again to save the poor people…

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