ZESS-06 Ai Kawana, Tsukimi Takeichi – Heroine Ultimate Pinch Star of L’Oeil


Erika is a nerdy novelist who loves the adventure novel “The Star of Lo-Waal” as her heart’s bible. When Moosh, the villain in the novel, is cornered by the Star of Loire, he joins forces with the mysterious demon king Diabolos and pops out from the last volume of the phantom book, which Erika has obtained, into the real world! Erika, who looks exactly like Princess Lobelia in the novel, is mistaken for the princess and targeted by the Mooche gang, but then the female knight Ro Wahl’s star appears from the final volume! The star of Loire fights against Mooche’s ambitions, and she and her three armor-clad brothers in steel armor face Mooche’s witchcraft!

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