ZESS-04 Azusa Tani – Heroine Ultimate Pinch Housekeeping Support Robot: Heroinder


Hiroinder (Mirai) is a housekeeper robot of the near future developed by Dr. Takasugi, an authority on robotics, who can do all housework and childcare, and can even go into battle mode and fight in an emergency! …One day, Prometheus, the CEO of OCOMO, a company that plans to rule the world with robots, puts a terrifying plan into action to defeat his sworn enemy, Helinder! Aiming at the weakness of the Three Principles of Robotics, which states that robots cannot attack humans, Prometheus modifies the body of a villainous professional wrestler who died in an accident and develops an artificial human. Heloinder is put in a tight spot by the artificial man’s attack, but it turns out that it was Prometheus who killed the pro-wrestler by making it look like an accident. However, as a further measure, Prometheus tries to reset Hiroinder’s positron brain Asimov by emitting gamma rays and destroying its circuits. Can Heloinder stop Prometheus’ ambition?

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