ZESS-03 Miku Abeno, Noriko Fujioka, Yoshiko Hasegawa – Heroine Ultimate Pinch JK Psykicker Machina


Makina Ayase is a pure-hearted maiden who uses her psychic abilities, available only to pure maidens, to punish evil men… Makina Ayase. One day, Makina saves her childhood friend Yusuke Nezu from being attacked by a suspicious group. Makina punishes the suspicious group with her dainty attacks. Their true identity… is the “Truth Society of Love and the Great Sky,” a group that plans to make all women in the world lewd. For some reason, they call Makina a saint and urge her to come with them. Makina refuses. The followers try to take Makina by force. At that moment, a man emits a suspicious aura and his figure… Will Makina be able to stop the evil scheme of the “Truth Society of Love and the Great Sky”?

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