ZESS-02 Ayaka Mochiduki, Sousuke Azuma – Heroine Ultimate Pinch Seiken Sentai Blow Ranger – Blow Pink can’t love anyone anymore.


The only female warrior of the Blow Rangers, Blow Pink’s flying dance was wise, kind and beautiful. Therefore, she was admired and respected by her comrades. Mai also had her heart set on Blow Red’s Ken Ryuzaki. However, no matter how much Ken Ryuzaki wanted Mai, he would not allow them to have a sexual relationship. The sword of Ryuzaki could no longer believe in Mai’s feelings for him, and his skepticism awakened the blood of the Gaima clan, and he was reincarnated as Ryuon. Mai, feeling responsible for not allowing herself to be physically attacked by Ryuzaki Ken, is forced to fight two invincible Gaimar beasts. Mai was beaten to a pulp and felt guilty, but it was a cunning trap by Kirura, a female executive who wanted to monopolize Ryuzaki Ken….

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