ZEPE-19 Narumi Ookawa – Sun Warrior Leona SEASON II Cosmic Dark Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions Ezion & Desura


Ezion and Desura, who are both determined to gain fame and the right to rule the Earth by defeating Leona, each set out on their own to find Leona! Ezion, who happens to run into Sanpei, hunts him down, and faces off against Leona, who has come to his rescue! As they fight with their own power, Sanpei’s evil wish flows into Leona’s body through her pendant, creating the unrivaled heroine Dark Leona, who is unmanageable, ruthless, and evil! Deathra joins her and together they fight as a tag team, and Dark Léona shows off her overwhelming fighting power, but Léona’s wish, which is sealed in her heart, blocks her body from moving, and she is subjected to a desperate combined attack! Ezion and Desura capture her, hoping to bring Dark Leona to her knees and make her their wife…

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