ZEPE-15 Narumi Ookawa, Kurumi Matsushima – Leona, the Warrior of the Sun Season II: Ayla the Flame Warrior and Gasputin the Demon Monk!


Leona = Yui Juana, who feels peace in her town after defeating Garnte, is confronted by Ira, a female warrior from the planet Heatstar. Her goal was to win the battle against Leona, who had defeated Garnte, and to seize her honor as a female warrior, but she was not taken seriously by Leona, who does not fight meaningless battles…. Then Gaspoutin, a mysterious monster demon monk with a new target on the earth, appears and incites Ayla, a resentful new warrior…. Gaspoutin, a demon monk, spits poisonous gas and brainwashes Ira into attacking Leona! Gaspoutine used to fight Garunte and they were evenly matched in strength! Leona is in a desperate situation with her powerful enemy Gaspoutin and the brainwashed flame warrior Ira, and she screams and screams in agony as she is put through this terrible torture! Will Leona have a chance to win?

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