ZEPE-14 Manami Narahira – Heroine Continuous Pinch & Escape! Super Ancient Sentai Atoranger


Atopink is a member of the Atorangers. She fights to protect the world from the evil hands of Dogma. One day, a large number of poisonous spiders attack people! Pink begins to investigate, but then Dogma fighters appear and attack! But it was a trap to isolate Pink and concentrate the attack! Pink’s at-suit is drained of energy during the battle with the fighters, and she suffers from the load of the at-suit. Then, the monster appears and thoroughly torments her. Ato Green appears just in time to save the day, but the mastermind behind the incident, Dr. Spider-Mura, transforms into a spider monster and attacks Pink in an attempt to throw her into hell…

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