ZEPE-13 Noe Naomi, Shouko Azusa – Super Mask Heroine Codename Minerva ~Reboot


Marina Yunagi, an agent of “Mystic integral secret service” a.k.a. MISS, an organization to protect people from crimes that cannot be revealed, rescues Chika Minami who is being chased by Egoisma, an international crime organization. Egoisma’s führer wanted Chika, the key to the seal, in order to activate his own body! Marina transforms into the masked warrior Minerva, but she is in great difficulty due to Draculaisma’s ultrasonic attack! On top of that, her mask was broken before the power of Frankeisma, and she was defeated and captured… Chika, also captured, is informed of Egoisma and her father’s secret, and her brainwaves are stolen to activate her physical body! Tormented by Frankaysma’s power and Draculaisma’s energy absorption, will Minerva be able to save Chica and stop Egoisma’s ambitions?

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