ZEPE-09 Riru Asahina – Heroine Pinch Omnibus 32: Gastronomic Warrior Saber Eats


The master of the Western-style restaurant “Akebono” was in financial difficulties due to harassment by a major restaurant chain, Kuihodai. One day, Pailin rescued the harassed master with her kung fu skills and was so impressed by the master’s homemade cooking that she decided to work at the restaurant…. She quickly became the signature girl and the restaurant prospered. Then, Big Mike, the eldest son who ran away from home to open a hamburger restaurant in the U.S. and make a name for himself, comes back with a large amount of debt. He says, “Let’s sell Akebono and use the money to pay off the debt. After an argument, Master turns Big Mike away, but Quihodai, taking advantage of the rift between the brothers, plots to use Big Mike to get the recipe for Akebono’s and Master. Quihoudai immediately demands a cooking duel with Akebono to ensure the survival of the restaurant. Pailin transforms into the gastronomic warrior Saber Eats and throws himself into a food battle for justice!

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