ZEPE-08 Hinako Ishii, Maori Hoshino, Rei Nishimura – Magic Masked Warrior Windia Hell of Tickle and Pain


In order to protect her beloved best friend Mio Benrin, college student Mai Kuukaze, who was given the power to transform into the magical masked warrior Windia by the goddess Bartenna, has been fighting demons led by the witch Nowara. Although Nowarah keeps defeating the demons, she succeeds in capturing Windia and interrogates her intensely to find out how she obtained her power. When Windia refuses to give in to the pain, Nowarah captures Mio and turns her into the demon Ruza and forces her to blame Windia. Knowing that Windia’s weakness is tickling, Ruza tickles Windia. Windia is tortured not only physically but also emotionally by the demon who used to be her beloved best friend, but is there any way to turn the tables on her?
Hinako Ishii, Maori Hoshino, Rei Nishimura

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