ZEPE-03 Narumi Ookawa, Sumire Nagai – Leona, Warrior of the Sun DX Part 1


Leona rescued a mysterious girl, Flea, who was escaping from the pursuit of the demon king Garunte. The next day, Flare changed her appearance as a new student, Mika, but was attacked by Hysteria, a PTA demon under Garunte’s control, who discovered her true identity. While Leona bided her time, Mika (Flare) escaped with the help of Sanpei. Garunte, who really wants to get his hands on Flare, lends his help to Hysteria to revive the demons who were defeated by Leona in the past! Leona is facing eight demons at the same time, a formidable foe even if only one is present. Although she succeeds in freeing Flare and Sanpei, they are completely beaten to a pulp and taken away! The demons, carrying their past grudges, come at her in an attempt to find out the whereabouts of Flare! What is Leona’s fate?

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