ZEPE-02 Misaki Terasaka, Miori Nakamura, Sumire Nagai – Retreating Demon Priestess Warrior Triple Lancer 2021 Resurrection! The Three Demons of Hell


The Demon King Zadam was defeated by Triple Lancer… However, in his dying moments, Zadam resurrected three evil demons: the Demon Beast Gorn, the Pluto Shinobi Shiryu, and the Mad Machine Bursar! They target the life energy possessed by the Triple Lancer and attack these girls! Bursar’s mechanical tentacles bite into Yellow! Shiryu’s evil ninpo torments Blue! And Gorn’s fangs bite into Red! The three are on the verge of death from energy deprivation… but their hearts for their friends will not be extinguished until the very end! The latest and greatest Triple Lancer is born!

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