ZEOD-99 Yuzuki Mano, Riko Suzuhara, Rei Nishimura, Noriko Fujioka – Lore Squadron Fair Knights


High school student Kohime Hanamiya encounters Quinn, the female leader of a demon sucking tribe who has been resurrected from a sealed room, attacking a man. Thinking it was just a fight, Kouhime stopped her, but Quinn, who prefers to torment women rather than men, targeted her and violently hurt her to the point of death. At that moment, the fairy princess Flora and two warriors Icicle and Riot rush to the scene upon learning that the demon suckers are back. Flora decides to unite with the dying Princess Hikaru to save her. Princess Hikari is revived by the power of the fairies and transforms into a fair princess wearing a reinforced suit to fight Quinn, but she escapes. She then decides to fight the demon sucking tribe together with the fairies. However, Quinn’s next target is Anna Fubuki, a rookie female detective who is a childhood friend of Kohime. Can Kohime save Anna and defeat Quinn?

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