ZEOD-97 Asuka Oda, Maori Hoshino, Saori Baba – Giant Heroine (R) Flare Lady Destroyed Flare Timer


Three years ago, the Defense Forces were destroyed in a battle, leaving Madoka behind. However, a new staff was gathered for the Defense Force, and Madoka overcame her emotional trauma and continued to fight. However, the aliens’ clutches were closing in on the new Defense Force. Unaware of this, Madoka transforms into Flare Lady and fights Grandon, a monster that relentlessly attacks Flare Timer. The Flare Lady, drained of energy immediately after defeating Grandon, is attacked by an alien Kirir, who had disguised himself as a scientist from the defense force. The Kirir aliens destroy Flare Lady’s timer, which has wounds all over it, and abduct her to their spaceship. They then conduct brutal experiments on the timer to find out its secret. Madoka is returned to earth alive and learns that a new member of the Defense Force, Shinya Jono, has been given the power to become the evil Flare Lady, Dark Flare, by the Kirir aliens who analyzed Flare Lady’s timer. Madoka learns that Kirir aliens and Dark Flare are headed to destroy the earth, and knowing that it is a trap, she transforms into Flare Lady and challenges them to battle…

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