ZEOD-96 Narumi Ookawa – Leona, Warrior of the Sun, Battlefield of Too Far


Yui Juana is a teacher at Urushigaoka Elementary School, 5th grade, class 3. Whenever an incident occurs, she transforms into Leona, the Sun Warrior, and fights evil. One day, Yukio Onodera, a former soldier, is attacked by soldiers of the great demon king Garunte. He is rescued by Leona in the nick of time, but Yukio’s superior, Kosuke Onizuka, who had disappeared during the battle, appears and gives Yukio new orders. As a sergeant in Garunte’s army, he is ordered to eliminate Leona, a warrior of the sun who plans to conquer the planet. After returning to Japan, Yukio suffers from nightmares of the battlefield, but the soul of an army soldier is revived, and he makes a contract with Garunte and becomes Onigunsou, a war demon, and begins his battle to defeat Leona!

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