ZEOD-95 Nagi Mamiya – Heroine Sexy Pinch Astrofrau, the female warrior of the galaxy


Astrofrau, a female warrior defending the galaxy, has cornered the space pirate Hudler and his gang. However, Hudler’s poisonous fangs have annihilated her star armor and stolen the pendant that has been passed down in her family! While the Hudlers are on their way to Earth in pursuit of the greatest weapon in the universe, Frau heads for Earth ahead of the Hudlers and meets an Earth woman, Yukino Firefly, who also possesses the pendant. Hudler’s gang sets their sights on her, and when the plant life form Plantidun attacks, she is transformed into a monster by assimilating with her colleague Watanabe! Not wanting to harm the people of Earth, Frau is stuck in Idun’s ivy attack, and once again she is tormented by Hudler’s venomous fangs! Will the greatest weapon in the universe be taken from him? What is the fate of Astrofrau… and Firefly?

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