ZEOD-92 Hitomi Shimamura, Saori Baba – Gekiju Sentai Earth Fighter Resurrection Mistress Rosenda


Episode 49 “Alone and Unaided! Terrifying Blue Fangs Aimed at Mayumi!” Blue Devil, the vicious female warrior who defeated the dragon and griffon, attacks Mermaid. Mermaid defeats Blue Devil even though she has been deprived of her power and is wounded to the core. However, Blue Devil reveals her true form and attacks Mermaid. Episode 50 “Resurrection of Rosenda! Blue Mermaid is completely defeated! Mayumi investigates alone, believing that there is a true evil that created Blue Devil. What appears before her is Mistress Rosenda, who is supposed to be dead. Rosenda transforms into the form of a monster and overwhelms Mermaid with her overwhelming power. Episode 51 “The Time of Decision! Mayumi is defeated by Rosenda and taken prisoner. Rosenda decorates and loves Mayumi like a doll, and sometimes enjoys beating her. Mayumi escapes by taking advantage of the opportunity, but Rosenda’s clutches are closing in on Mayumi, who is deprived of energy and unable to transform.

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