ZEOD-90 Saku Kurosaki – Heroine Sexy Pinch Sailor Guardian Leila


Leila of the Sailor Guardian Unit of the Space Federal Administration has captured Dogma, a vicious space criminal who is poaching Earthlings! However, Dogma escapes with Aver, an S-class criminal, from the prison to which he was transferred! Meanwhile, Eri, a college girl who is a member of the occult research society, goes to the forest where she met an alien with Professor Otsugi… Layla seems to have saved Eri and her friends from being targeted by the Dogmas again, but because she defended her, Aver takes her energy and takes her away…. Leila is bombarded with electric shocks by Dogma, who wants to extract information from the Administration! But in the meantime, Avel’s hunger becomes unbearable, and his body begins to mutate…! Will Layla be able to capture the vicious space criminal?

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