ZEOD-89 Tomoko Kato – Gaia Ranger Micro Monster Healinger


Yume Aida (Gaia Blue) is a member of Gaia Ranger. He was fighting to protect the world from the evil hand of Ego. Then one day, a worldwide pandemic is caused by fire ants. Yume determines that the mastermind behind the incident is Dr. Arizuka, an authority on atomic physics who was supposed to have died several years ago, and decides to launch an investigation. Dr. Arizuka had planned to take revenge on Gaia Blue by becoming a microscopic monster “Healinger” by assimilating into the breeding nanomachines! The micromanipulated Hyahringer invades the Gaia Suit’s system, overloads the Gaia Suit, and plunges Gaia Blue into hell with the load of the Gaia Suit! Will Gaia Blue be able to end the pandemic?

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