ZEOD-87 Yuka Aragaki, Asami Tachibana, Noriko Fujioka – Dengeki Himekami Vice Slender


Yui Ichijo and Akira Futaba, members of the righteous organization Themis, are engaged in a fierce battle with the evil organization Outraiser. The woman executive Payne, who once killed Yui’s father, appears in front of them with the monster Gorra. Yui and Akira are in a tight spot. Yui activates her less-than-perfect anti-vice system and transforms into a vise-render to defeat Gorla, but she is unable to withstand the load on her body and collapses. Akira, who goes out in Yui’s place, tries to become a Vice Slender to defeat the snake monster Boas, but the system rejects her and she is unable to transform and is trapped by the enemy. Yui awakens and goes to rescue Akira, but Akira is taken hostage, and unable to resist, she is defeated and captured by the onslaught of Boas. Can Yui save Akira and defeat Boas and Payne?

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