ZEOD-86 Rui Hiduki, Koto Arakawa – Heroine Sexy Pinch Dimensional Warrior Princess Mirage Venus


Mirage Venus, an emissary of justice who travels between the mirror world and the real world, has lost some of her powers in a battle with invaders from outer space! With the invaders’ mysterious disappearances occurring so frequently that an urban legend called “Frog in the Mirror” has been created, Rika and Minami, two college students, are also targeted! Mirage Venus fights hard to protect them, but Minami is eaten by the invaders and Rika is taken away to the mirror world… The invaders, who multiply as they obtain food, play tricks on Mirage Venus with their poisonous fluids and long tongues! Will she be able to rescue Rika and Minami and escape the mirror world?

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