ZEOD-84 Akari Niimura – Heroine Sexy Pinch Astromaam, Mother of the Universe


A planet shining far beyond the Earth, the Land of Hope…. Then the vicious Gates aliens attacked, seeking the Maria Energy! Astromaam fights off the Gates aliens, but sensing that another planet is in danger, they go after them. The members of the Hoshizora Space Observatory, who are all passionate despite their deficit, detect the presence of aliens by radar response and rush to the scene, but they are caught in a battle between the Gates aliens and the Astromaam, and one of them turns into a cephalopod! Astromaam is then deprived of energy by the battle in the unfamiliar environment and the tentacle attack of the cephalopod, and separates from the crystal of Maria Energy. The members of the Hoshizora Space Observatory flee with the crystal at Astromaam’s request, and the trapped Astromaam is blamed and forced to fight the cephalopod! Astromaam is in a desperate situation! What will become of Astromaam? What is the fate of the Earth?

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