ZEOD-83 Usako Kurusu, Karen Hayama – Lethal Angel, the Angel in White


The bodies of demons defeated in battle with angels are scattered in the human world in all its immortality, and their miasma amplifies human desires…. Sara Amatsuka, a kind-hearted woman who inherited the power of an angel, works as a nurse at Shirase General Hospital and fights against the demon’s miasma by transforming herself into a Lethal Angel in order to save those who have been possessed by the demon’s miasma. At this hospital, where there are eerie rumors, a patient suffering from a demon’s noxious gas escapes from the hospital, and Sarah, who is chasing him, is attacked by a patient whose body is partially transformed into a monster! The demon’s miasma comes from the “devil’s hands” that the director, Shirase, keeps in the hospital to produce a secret medicine to save his daughter’s life! Transforming into a Lethal Angel, the angel in white stands up to break the demon’s miasma and save people’s hearts!

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