ZEOD-82 Narumi Ookawa – Leona, the Sun Warrior, Carnival of the Carnivore Fiend


Leona, enchanted by the immortal demon Thriller to revive her, rises from the brink of death, but becomes Dark Leona, the incarnation of evil. The town of Urushigaoka has turned into a hell where the dead roam! Later, Leona wakes up in a state of confinement in a dimly lit basement, but she has lost her memory of what happened after she became Dark Leona. Leona is confronted by Garunte, the great demon king, who has taken over the corpse… Leona approaches Garunte to recover her lost memories, but Garunte tells her the horrifying incident that Dark Leona caused… And a new enemy’s evil hand creeps up on Leona… And now, a new enemy is coming to Leona’s doorstep. Will Leona be able to end this pandemic?

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