ZEOD-80 Hana Misora, Ryozo Mori, Hanzo Saji – Heroine Sexy Pinch Guardian Warrior Woman Valtemia


One day, Professor Sakaki, a university professor who researches ancient treasures, obtains some valuable data on ancient ruins that he has been studying for many years, and sets out on an excavation with his seminar students. There, the seminar student Sakuya Uehara discovers an ancient vase that seems to be the great discovery of the century. However, a mysterious spirit that emerged from the jar took in Tatsuo Shimoyama, who was excavating the site with her, and appeared before Sakuya in the form of a demon. Professor Sakaki and his party then became the target of the demons that appeared one after another, and they found themselves in a desperate situation. At that moment, a mysterious female warrior named Valtemia appears to protect the people.

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