ZEOD-79 Narumi Ookawa, Karen Hayama, Yukari Sakurai – Ninja Special Search Justy Wind The Ninja Wars


The Shadow Shinobi Army’s Snake Plague ZEON and Konezuka Gust are after the Wind Shinobi Army’s secret treasures in order to start the “Ninja Wars,” a struggle between ninjas from around the world. Aki Benikaze, whose father, the chieftain of the Wind Shinobi Army, was assassinated, joins forces with Rina Shirayuki and Yuka Mizuse to fight the Shadow Shinobi Army as Justy Wind! Originally a spy sent by ZEON, Yuuka rebels against ZEON, but falls before the poison ability and fangs of the snake, and is weakened into a blank body… Rina, who was pulled into another dimension by Gust, was tormented by her grudge ability and blaming shears, and Aki, who failed in a desperate special move in a battle with a demon, was also weakened to a blank body. Despite being tormented by a powerful enemy, Justy Wind and his men keep the spirit of justice burning and refuse to give up the fight until the very end! What is the secret treasure of the Wind Ninja Army? Can they stop the Ninja Wars?

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