ZEOD-78 Hitomi Shimamura, Ayako Fujita, Kaoru Momose – Gekiju Sentai Earth Fighter Blue Mermaid vs. new female executive Princess Corvina


Blue Mermaid defeated Mistress Rosenda. However, there was no peace for the earth fighters, and the Amperor Empire sent a new female leader to them. Her name was Princess Corvina. Corbina, who adored Rosenda, swore revenge against Mayumi and tormented her in various ways. First, she transforms Kiriko, Mayumi’s best friend, into a monstrous mermaid hunter and makes her fight the Blue Mermaid. When Mayumi learns the truth, she is unable to fight and is one-sidedly hurt. Luring Mayumi, who hates Corvina because of the loss of Kiriko and lacks composure, into a space where she cannot transform into a Blue Mermaid, she makes her fight the monstrous elephant monster Giri Megalan. After putting the dragon and gryphon into hibernation with poison, Corbina demands a one-on-one match with the Blue Mermaid. …… With no help coming, can the Blue Mermaid defeat Corbina in a state of full wounds?

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