ZATS-42 Yuri Sakaki, Rikako Suda – Burning Action Super Heroine Biographies 42: Maou Ninja Raika


The Kisaragi clan has been fighting against the demons known as the Seven Demons for about 1,000 years. Raika, who inherited the power of the Kisaragi clan, puts on the Demon Avenger Suit, which causes extreme pain when worn, and throws herself into the battle to defeat the Seven Demons! Raika has accepted her fate, even the intense pain caused by having her soul taken into her body to prevent the resurrection of the seven demons she has defeated. However, for Seika, who is of the original bloodline but is too weak to fight in a demon-busting suit, the sight of Raika’s suffering is something she cannot bear to watch…. Seika was then spotted by one of the Seven Demons, Hibakusha, and was hurt by the grudge of the seal! Raika rushes to Seika’s pinch, endures the intense pain, puts on the Demon Avenging Suit, and confronts the Fire Blast!

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