ZATS-41 Ayane Kinari – Burning Action Super Heroine Biographies 41: Gekiju Sentai Earth Fighter, Blue Mermaid


Blue Mermaid Yumika Mizusawa was looking for Red Dragon and Yellow Gryphon, who suddenly disappeared during a battle. What appeared before Yumika were the strongest assassins of the Amperor Empire, the Monsters! She transformed into Blue Mermaid to fight them, but the monsters were too strong for her to fight alone… she was gradually becoming wounded and battered from the battle. An even more sadistic monster appears in front of Blue Mermaid, and Blue Mermaid is tormented by the monster without being able to finish her off. The monster then develops a drug that dissolves her reinforced suit. After an intense action battle, Blue Mermaid Yumika Mizusawa’s desperate screams reverberate!

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