ZATS-40 Yuri Kudo – Burning Action Super Heroine Retsuden 40 Burn of the Psycho Killer


A series of bizarre murders occur. The Bureau of Investigation suspects that the Merserkers, an organized crime syndicate, are responsible for the murders and entrusts Ayako Mizuse (a.k.a. “Psycho Hunter”), an expert in abnormal crimes, with the investigation to solve the case. Ayako and her partner, Mai Yamashiro, immediately begin a sting operation, but Mai falls into the trap of Merserker leader Abdulraza Itaijan and is kidnapped. In order to rescue Mai and solve the case, Ayako requests the release of Reiko Mihara (a.k.a. Reiko Cannibal), who is imprisoned in the Augustus detention center, and asks for her cooperation in the investigation. However, Reiko’s condition for cooperating with the investigation is that she will eat Ayako after the case is solved…

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