ZATS-39 Shion Aoki, Miyu Hashigaki – Burning Action Super Heroine Biography 39 – Female Dragon Special Fist


Minami Asuka is an investigator with the CIK U.S. Division. She comes to Augustus to search for her missing sibling Reika Kitami, a disciple of Hoshiryuuken. Reyka had gone missing after infiltrating the Black Dragon Society’s hideout to investigate human trafficking! The Black Dragon, who is a Seiryu-ken fighter with Asuka, is the boss of the [Black Dragon Society], which controls the underworld of Augustus. He was developing the strongest doping drug, the G Virus, in order to abuse his fist and create his own assassination fist, the Black Dragon Fist. Asuka enters the Black Dragon Society’s hideout and tries to settle the score with the Black Dragon, but what appears there is Reika, a brainwashed killing machine! Will Asuka be able to stop the Black Dragon’s ambitions?

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