ZATS-38 Juria Nagano – Burning Action Super Heroine Biographies 38: Galactic Bounty Hunter Renee


Lenny was formerly a soldier of the Galactic Republic, but for some reason he is now a bounty hunter. One day, the Galactic Republic learns that Bella, a wanted criminal, is hiding out on the planet MUTO, and asks Lenny to capture her. Rennie immediately heads to the planet MUTO, but Bella is taken into custody by Cheyenne, the MUTO vigilante group. While he is at odds with the Cheyenne, who are opposed to Bella’s extradition, the Cheyenne’s female sheriff, Maria, is captured by the three Gilba brothers, the most fearsome pirates in the galaxy! The Gilbas demand custody of Bella in exchange for Maria’s life. Renee, driven into a corner, decides to fight against the Gilba brothers, using a plea bargain as bait to join forces with Bella to fight the Gilba brothers…

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