ZATS-37 Tomoko Kato – Burning Action Super Heroine Legend 37 Sailor Striker


Tomoko Kashima is a special agent of the Galactic Ministry of Education. She had started an undercover investigation at the moonlit academy to protect the earth from the clutches of the BANCHO planet, which is planning to rule the galaxy with its delinquents. Then one day, the head of the Science Department, Noboru Iwashimura, is taken away by the Public Discipline Committee. Tomoko activates her Sailor Unit and transforms into Sailor Striker to subdue the Fuki Committee members, but Iwashimura is taken hostage and she surrenders. Darth Bancho, the ruler of Bancho Planet, forces her to confront the Giant Banchou as an example…. Can Sailor Striker restore freedom to the school?

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