TSW-03 Rin Sakikawa – Female Confidential Informant Wonder Jane


This time, we will show you a variety of stuffed animals in various situations. The first one: A claimed companion dressed as a popular cartoon character is pranked by a mischievous kid at the destination to which she is sent. The sister, who cannot speak out for the reason of not destroying the child’s dream, is left at the mercy of the child. Moe to the stuffed animal who squeals and writhes while enduring the naughty pranks! No.2 Let’s take a walk in the city in a stuffed animal costume! Moe the stuffed animals writhing in shame as they are made to walk around in their costumes, exposed to the curious eyes of the people on the street! No.3 Behind the scenes of the stuffed animal show. We will show you the behind-the-scenes of a stuffed animal show, which you can’t see very often. The unexpectedly defenseless appearance is unintentionally exciting! Moe the action actresses writhing in their sweaty stuffed animals! The fourth, a sister in full body tights is mercilessly tortured with a hump rope. Moe the full-body play that makes her wriggle and writhe! No.5 A two-hole attack on a stuffed animal! An electric shock, a vibrator, and a finger are mercilessly used on the stuffed animal’s pussy and anus at the same time. Moe the stuffed animal writhing in gross and painful pleasure!

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