TSW-01 Anri Kurata – Moon Warrior Space Woman


A spacewoman who falls into the trap of her nemesis, the Vampire Emperor, and undergoes a nebulous downfall. The highlight is the tarantula gas. When sprayed, the area itches furiously. Itchy but not scratchable…. Is there any other pain in the world like this? The only way to escape this pain is to have the hateful vampire emperor scratch it. Is there any humiliation like this? The Vampire Vampire Emperor sprayed it on Spacewoman’s lower abdomen as well. He also applied the undiluted solution of tarantula gas to Space Woman’s secret area. The Vampire Vampire Emperor intermittently scratches her secret area. The ecstasy when she is being scratched. And pain when she is not. However, her pride as a heroine of justice does not disappear from her consciousness. Itching conflict as a heroine. Please enjoy it to the fullest.

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