TRT-01 Sakura Morishita – Professional Heroine Andromask


Aya Takatori, a popular female announcer, is a princess of the royal family that unites the Andromeda Nebula, and Andromask, a space agent who catches space criminals who have escaped to Earth. Aya continues to use her job as an announcer to catch space criminals, but space criminals are not her only enemies. Aya’s colleague Keiko Nashiga, an announcer who has lost her position to Aya, is coming after her. Aya, who was unable to sense the malicious intent of Keiko’s trap, who had more twisted affection than jealousy for Aya, was drugged, rendered immobile, and fell into a trap. She is then taken over by a demon, and is beaten by Kazunori Kozuka, an announcer who has feelings of hatred toward Aya. Aya continues to be subdued by Keiko, but she takes advantage of the opportunity and transforms into an andromask. However, Kozuka, now in the form of the space criminal Kuduru, steals her energy, and she is once again trapped under an electric shock, and Keiko continues to play tricks on her body. Will Aya be able to escape this predicament and capture the space criminal Kuduru?

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