TNI-02 Seika Izumi – Ninja Vol.2


Arisa Tsukikage, a stewardess, rushes from the flight after hearing that Kakyoin Mizuho, the master of the Dragon Fang Ninjutsu, has been defeated by the poisonous fangs of an evil force. She is Arisa, a female ninja who trained in ninjutsu with Mizuho and is also her rival! Arisa Tsukikage transforms into the female ninja Arisa and infiltrates the evil ninja’s hideout to avenge Mizuho’s death and prove that she is stronger than Mizuho! However, the evil ninja “Kuuka” catches her by surprise from behind and kills her. The dark beasts, hungry for blood and female flesh, attack Arisa. Kukaba” munching on her crotch, the assassins torturing her body…. But what awaited Arisa was a human experiment by the mad doctor who created “Kukai”. The female ninja screamed in agony…! Afterwards, the female ninja “Arisa” was raped by the “Kukafang No. 2,” which had failed in the remodeling surgery, and experienced the greatest fear in this world…. Will the Dragon Fang Ninjutsu really be destroyed?

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