TKG-04 Hotaru Akane – Dressed in a suit4


One day, the red-haired Battle Pink saves Professor Amano, the developer of a biotechnological mask weapon, from being attacked by G-Man. However, G-Man’s trickery forces Professor Amano to wear a parasitic mask, and he turns into a monster and attacks Battle Pink! What awaits Battle Pink, captured by G-Man, is G-Man’s insidious torture! The battlesuit has an excellent ability to mitigate external shock damage, but the sensitivity transmitted from the suit to the skin is dozens of times greater than that of a normal person! In other words, contact for pleasure is a double-edged blade for the battlesuit-wearing Battle Pink! G-Man, taking advantage of this characteristic, continues to give Battle Pink, whose entire body has become a sexual zone due to the suit’s sensitivity amplification ability, a nasty beating! Can Battle Pink survive the hell of pleasure?

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