TKG-01 Dressed in one piece 1


People in costume must not speak up! We must hide who we are! Then let’s play a prank! So, we’ll play a trick on them mercilessly! First of all, the finger-man expert inserts his fingers into the stuffed animal that is not allowed to move! Moe the stuffed animal that endures while its legs are shaking! No.2 The stuffed animal is tied up! The stuffed animal is tied up and is subjected to various tortures by the two men. Moe the moan that leaks out unintentionally! Grandpa and his grandson play with the stuffed animal in a two-person team! The two escalate the tickle attack until the stuffed animal is on the verge of insanity! Moe the stuffed animal in agony! No.4 Force the stuffed animal that can’t resist to be hand-fucked! They grab the meat pole without expression and release cum into their own skirt! Moe the stuffed animal that is humiliated without resistance! No.5 – Rape the stuffed animal! A stuffed doll is fucked like a toy with a thick meat stick in her obedient pussy like a dutch wife! Who is panting under the expressionless mask? Imagine who is moaning under the expressionless mask!

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