THZ-87 Maya Hongou – Super Heroine in Grave Danger!! Vol.87 Sailor Freesia


Sailor Freesia is invincible, transforming and defeating powerful demons with a smile on her face even when they appear! However, she hates frogs…. But she hates frogs… Her secret is discovered by the demon leaders. Then, a giant frog demon appears before Sailor Freesia! Sailor Freesia screams in disgust, but still fights on! However, when she lands a kick, her beautiful legs are soaked with mucus…. Sailor Freesia’s usual brilliant moves are dulled, and she is driven to the brink of extinction! During the battle, her heels are removed, her beautiful legs are violently shaken, and she is finally defeated when the frog she hates sticks to her brooch…. Sailor Freesia is in a demon’s lair, where she is subjected to a sexual and degrading sex torture, and finally, she is penetrated by a frog demon, who kills her by penetrating her precious secret parts….

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