THZ-85 Hono Wakamiya – Super Heroine in desperate need of help! ! Vol.85 Secret Treasure Sentai Jewel Ranger Jewel Pink


Jewel Pink, a member and vice-captain of the Jewel Rangers and a member of the Hidden Treasure Squadron, has been captured by Jarja, a demon priest and commander of the Majura clan, which collects hidden treasures from all over the world. Jarja accuses Jewel Pink of trying to find out the whereabouts of the Poseia crystal, but Jewel Pink perseveres! In Jarja’s hand was the Hydea Sand! It is said that when the Poseia crystal is buried in the Hydea Sand, the Poseia releases poisonous water that can kill a human being in an instant. Will Jewel Pink be able to protect the Poseia crystal even though her own body is in ruins?

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