[THZ-84] Marina Saito – Super Heroine Zero Fate! Vol.84 Beautiful Young Girl Warrior Sailor Ares


After acquiring the scroll of the forbidden art, the senior demon “Gibbon of Ashes” is invaded by the curse of the forbidden art, but he succeeds in transferring the curse to Sailor Ares, hurting her and capturing her, whose senses are sensitive all over her body. Sailor Ares is coated in a liquid that causes itching in her sensitive areas, and she climaxes in a confused state of wanting to be scratched and unsure of her ability to endure the pleasure, and her energy is absorbed. Sailor Ares manages to escape, but after a great struggle against four advanced demons summoned by Gibbon, she is defeated…. Sailor Ares’ body, which has become more sensitive to sensation, is repeatedly imprinted with climaxes, and each time she is deprived of energy, her body gradually begins to seek pleasure in spite of her mind! Can Sailor Ares escape from this pleasure?

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