THZ-81 Arisu Shiina – Super Heroine in desperate need! ! Vol.81 Dr. Genius’ Reverse Resentment! Sailor Mermaid Scattered with Madness


Demons attack people. The beautiful young girl warrior Sailor Mermaid appears to save them. One man watches the battle with laughter. It’s dangerous! Please evacuate quickly!” Sailor Mermaid urges the man to evacuate. But the man, who is amused, refuses to listen, saying, “Why should I run away when there’s such a fun spectacle? Mermaid manages to repel the demon before the man is attacked. The mermaid slaps the man on the cheek to make him feel sorry for himself. Does it hurt? But if a demon had attacked me, it wouldn’t have been enough to hurt me!” But instead of remorse, the man slapped his own cheek to make the Sailor Mermaid regret it… Yes, this man was a mad genius doctor! What will be the fate of Sailor Mermaid…?

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