THZ-78 Aya Mamiya – Super Heroine in Desperate Need! Vol.78 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Mint: Battle of Despair


Sailor Mint, a beautiful young warrior girl, chases down the demon Drago. Realizing that Sailor Mint cannot win, the demon Drago leaves the scene. A few days later, Yōma Drago and one of her fellow demons come to take revenge on Sailor Mint. You thought you two could beat me? Sailor Mint tells Drago in a strong voice. The battle begins. Sailor Mint is evenly matched with the two demons, but is unable to win… She manages to exploit an opening and unleashes a special move… but then another demon appears and absorbs Sailor Mint’s electric shocks! Sailor Mint is forced to fight three against one…and her blitz attack is impervious…. Will Sailor Mint be able to defeat the demons?

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