THZ-77 Rei Hanamiya – Super Heroine in desperate need of help! ! Vol.77 Julia Plitt


Prince Dec and Princess Yulia, brother and sister, are survivors of the Pritt star royalty. After their home planet was destroyed by the Giga aliens, the two and their old butler, Grandpa, emigrated to Earth and began working as the Space Peace Vigilantes. When the Mega aliens, led by Commander Grudger, invaded, Yulia challenged them to a fight, but was conversely captured and humiliated. Yulia is rescued by Deck and Grandpa, but Grandpa has fallen into the hands of the enemy. To save her grandfather, Julia rides alone again, only to find that her brother, Deck, has also been taken prisoner. Yulia, no longer able to resist, continues to be raped, body and soul, by Deck and Mentor, who are controlled by the mega aliens. ……

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