THZ-75 Rui Hiduki – Super Heroine Zessho! ! Vol.75 Magnetic Sentai Magnaman


Magna Pink is targeted by Cortos, a killer who manipulates curses! She is in extreme pain in the same place as in the picture where she was stabbed with a needle, and she can’t fight properly! Cortos inflicts painful torture that bites into her nerves in an attempt to make the beautiful Sakura, Magna Pink, his own. However, when he sees her pass out without giving in, he changes his mind and sends the monster Shadowgar into her body to manipulate her body in order to use her to annihilate the Magna Man. Magna Red stands up to Sakura as she tries to blow up Magna Man’s base! Sakura escaped from Shadowgar’s clutches thanks to Red’s efforts, but regretting that she had put her friends in a pinch due to her own weakness, she went to confront Cortos on her own… But don’t underestimate his curse! Magna Pink, whose body has been manipulated once again…

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