THP-93 Natsu Tojo – Super Heroine Crisis! Vol.93 – Electromagnetic Human Beagle: Rescue the breaker who has fallen into the hands of evil!


Electromagnetic human Beagle struggles against the monster of the evil organization Dester…. When Beagle is in a desperate situation, Breaker appears, defeats the monster, and saves Beagle. Beagle, who was wounded by the monster, takes a short rest to heal his wounds. Meanwhile, Breaker goes out on patrol alone, but is captured by Dester’s sneaky trap. Beagle fights to rescue Breaker! But before he can do so, Breaker, who has been brainwashed and has become a pawn of evil, appears…. Can the electromagnetic human Beagle rescue Breaker and defeat the evil organization Destar?

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