THP-87 Saku Kurosaki – Super Heroine Crisis! ! Vol.87 Brucellastriker


Erika Hoshizaki, aka Brucella Striker, an undercover agent with a special agency under the direct control of the government, has a new mission: to infiltrate the Togurokai, a terrorist group that ostensibly operates as a fighting group! Erika succeeds in infiltrating the group by showing the strength to convince its leader Hiruma during the initiation test, and she foils a series of assassination attempts. However, the Troglodytes set a trap to make a lawyer, a member of the Troglodytes, a target of assassination attempts, and succeeded in capturing her by deceiving her. The bull-shellastriker, who has never shown any weakness under any kind of torture, is unable to hide her agitation due to the trauma of her past when Hiruma tortures her beautiful body in a very degrading manner! Even though she refuses, the wave of sexual pleasure that is coming her way gradually distorts the cool expression on her face….

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